Jack’s Virtual Tour Schedule

Gabriela and The Widow–an audio interview with Bill Thompson on Thebookcast:


Gabriela is getting a few reviews: Check her out here:

Gabriela and The Widow now has a video trailer on the loose at youtube. Check it out here:

Reading from Gabriela, youtube video by World of Ink

After a down day on the Virtual Tour–technical difficulties knocked us out of our A Good Story talk–we’re back.  Gabriela and The Widow shows up today for another presentation. Here we talk about the Dead Zone. Writers beware. We also write about the mythic wave and taking dictation. Check it out. http://familiesmatter2us.blogspot.com/

Gabriela and The Widow steamed into Blogcritics yesterday January 15th, 2013 right on schedule. This Q and A is loaded with writing insights and personal revelations. Check her out here:
Article first published as Spotlight Interview with Author Jack Remick on Blogcritics.

The Blogcritics Spotlight Interview was picked up by the Seattle PI. It makes me very happy to know people in my town will find Gabriela. Here’s the link to her visit:Gabriela in the PI

Gabriela just made a whistle stop on the tour. Check out this site to win a copy of Gabriela and the pirhana bone jewele case–paperback or ebook. Your choice:

Take-away a copy of Gabriela and The Widow

Gabriela’s Blog Tour, like all expeditionary excursions, undergoes itinerary changes according to the terrain, weather, and geo-political upheavals. Here is the url with the latest additions, deletions, changes, hopes, fears etc.:http://storiesforchildren.tripod.com/worldofinknetwork/jack-remick-jan-feb-13.html

American Chronicle and Andi’s Realm came off without a hitch. Thanks to all for visiting those stops.


Beginning January 7th, 2013, I kick off a virtual book tour, also known as THE BLOG TOUR to promote Gabriela and The Widow–which will be out on January 1 or January 15th.This tour was put together by V.S. Grenier at World of Ink.

Here are the first of the January stops on the tour. I hope you’ll check them out because I did some writing for the Q and A sections that might interest you.  Note that the January 20th stop is a live blogtalk session with Ashley Fontainne. Feel free to share this with fellow writers and readers:

World of Ink Tour Schedule for Jack Remick
January 7th
A Book Lover’s Library—Review & Guest Post

January 8th
American Chronicle—Spotlight Interview


January 9th
Andi’s Realm—Interview
January 10th
The New Book Review—Spotlight Review
January 11th
The Writing Mama—Interview
January 14th
Writing to the Hearts of Children…and Adults too—Book Review
January 15th

BlogCritics—Author Spotlight

January 16th
World of Ink Network—Spotlight on Jack Remick

January 17th
Fran Lewis Reviews
January 18th
Roth’s Inspiring Books & Products—Spotlight

January 20th
The Ashley Fontainne Show on Artist First Radio Network
8pm EST at http://www.artistfirst.com/ashleyfontainne.htm

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