POETICS OF PROSE–A workshop at the League of Utah Writers

What: The Poetics of Prose–A Workshop in Structured Timed Writing

Where: League of Utah Writers–Salt Lake City

When: September 13-14, 2013

I’ll be leading this workshop Saturday, September 14th from 1:00 to 3:00.

Hands on, write in the room. We’ll be working with some of the following techniques plus a bunch of other stuff to make good writing better:

Needs for the workshop:
Pen and paper; a passage from your work in progress.
Story: A competition for a resource base
Structure: An arrangement of parts, the sequence.
Style: Techniques and devices used to create word pictures.

Rhythm—A scene has structure, it has rhythm. Rhythm develops in the way you arrange the scenes.
Beat—think sentence structure and stress patterns
Cadence—the search for a curtain line.

The Givens:
Stories are told with Action and Image.
Action is what characters do.
Image is what the reader sees.
Word pictures are images. The writer creates images with concrete nouns.
Action—the writer shows action using style verbs rather than generic verbs.
Example generic: The car ran into the building.
Example style: The car rammed the building.
Action-Image–the fusion of poetry, story, prose, image. Details in the room.

Schedule information here:

One thought on “POETICS OF PROSE–A workshop at the League of Utah Writers

  1. I really enjoyed your workshop at the League of Utah Writer’s conference. You’ve given me lots to think about with my writing and getting a lot more poetics into my prose as it were. Thanks for coming out!

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