Pacific Coast Highway Reviewed

5.0 out of 5 stars PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY melts snow with hot pages!, January 31, 2014
This review is from: Pacific Coast Highway (Paperback)
They get inside.Viv and the evil Bea and Jonny and cars and the PCH. Pacific Coast Highway. I got the book. Opened it.
Thought I would read some and then some. But. This book is a don’t put down book. The front end reads like boy toy erotica and then, voila, the money, just show me the money, oozes out and the script/book back and forth speeds and your eyes are glued because you’re under the spell of best book good book thoughts– he’s gonna, she really, they were playing him but….this author’s got it going!Jack Remick is a hero writer. His heroes carry wrenches, lick their women, and they can’t, they can’t help themselves because they are glazed in poetry.I’ll be on the Pacific Coast Highway this week and I am sure to run into Jonny on the road, come up behind his fast car, pass him with his arm around a babe.You readers! Escape your Everywhere else bad weather blues! Read a hot book! Come to California! Babe City, California! PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY. Get. This. Book.

Pacific Coast Highway by Jack Remick

Reviewed by Joel Chafetz on Amazon

You’re on PCH and Jonny’s ripping along in a turbo-charged BMW, with the accelerator jammed to the floor – and you feel a voice, close and disturbed.  It rumbles with an engine that shakes you to the core. From the first paragraph you feel the master writer in control.

Jonny Wattron is an original that comes face to face with the challenge of destroying the only thing he’s ever loved, cars. His boss wants him to chop up a BMW 850 CSi, a machine Jonny describes  “ . . .that’s like Leonardo Da Vinci crossing paths with Werner Von Braun and the two of them shaking hands with Albert Einstein.”

When he refuses he’s fired and his ethics tie him to the owner, a rich seductive nip-tucked woman (Beatrice) who takes him in and uses him to satisfy her in the way a woman with money can. Comparing women’s desire to be beautiful he says men, “rebuild and remake their cars and when it’s done right it’s ‘My Fair Lady’ on Michelins.”

But all isn’t well for Jonny as a kept man and after four years his boredom takes a turn when cars, even the Jaguar he drives, no longer stimulate his idea of being a man. He goes to film school. Reads and writes and falls in love with Vivian, a married student hungry for love.

Jonny is torn between the power of money/lust and love/need. He degenerates into the characters he writes about and allows his torn emotions to play out before a critical instructor who keeps telling him to rewrite.

So many lines fill the reader with admiration and anticipation.

“…when she walks her leg slices with provocative splendor.”

“Her foot dug deeper into my crotch. Toes like fingers playing arpeggios on my piano.”

Male weakness becomes Jonny’s script, emasculating him for the women and his instructor to see. As he deteriorates he becomes like Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author, adrift in a sea of fictions.

But I’ve said too much.

The book is a ride. I read it in a sitting. Didn’t want to put it down. Didn’t want it to end, but when you’re in the hands of a master, you move where he wishes you to go and you love him for it.

Joel Chafetz


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