Reading at the University Bookstore

from “Satori, poems”here is a short audio that Mindy Halleck recorded at the University Bookstore on August 15th, 2014. Thank you Mindy.

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A coming-of-age journey, the collection of poems in Jack Remick’s Satori observe life as days on an Oklahoma peach orchard turn to life in bohemian San Francisco, as elegy and eros intertwine in a search for enlightenment, as boy becomes man becomes poet and the quest for understanding opens up into spiritual awakening. And since the collection is also the story of Remick’s life, what better way is there to release yourself into its relentless energy and breathless rhythms than at a reading and signing with Remick himself?

Jack RemickJack Remick is a poet, short story writer, and the author of eight novels: Blood, The Deification, Valley Boy, Book of Changes, Trio of Lost Souls, Lemon Custard, Pacific Coast Highway, and Gabriela and The Widow. On June 1, 2013, he was the Featured Poet in the 12th Annual Ginsberg Marathon. He was a Featured Poet in Northwind magazine in 2005 and was voted Poet of the Month in the November, 2003, issue of the Black Bear Review. His poems have appeared in the Big Hammer magazine, Black Bear Review, California Crossroads, Heaven Bone Literary Magazine, Lucidity Poetry Journal, Northwind magazine, and the Portland Review. You can find Jack online at



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