League of Utah Writers Fall Conference

League of Utah Writers–Fall Conference August 28-29:
I’ll be running three workshops at this conference: four hours on Story, Structure, Style; One Hour of poetry: Modern Poetics and Poetry in Performance; and Dissolving the Paragraph–rhythm, action, and image:
Details here: http://www.luwriters.org/roundup.html

Here’s my blurb on the site. Photo courtesy of Jerry Jaz:Jack Remick Portrait 2


Jack Remick is author of Satori: Poems. His novel Gabriela and the Widow was a finalist for the Book of the Year Award and for the Hoffer Montaigne Medal competition. His work includes The California Quartet—The Deification, Valley Boy, The Book of Changes, and Trio of Lost Souls as well as Blood, Pacific Coast Highway, Doubles in a Game of Chance, and two collections of short stories. He is co-author with Robert J. Ray of The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery, a how-to for pros and neophytes.

The Quartet 6 11 2015

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