Ongoing Literary Events

Ongoing Literary Events

I am now reviewing for the New York Journal of Books. Upcoming is a review of  Don’t Hide the Madness, a Burroughs/Ginsberg conversation. The book is slated to publish in October 2018.

Citadel is available in Seattle at Couth Buzzard Books 8310 Greenwood Avenue North. Thanks to Theo Dzielak owner, poet, friend of the written word.

Eleanor Parker Sapia, author of A Decent Woman, reviewed Citadel here. Very happy to have this succinct and insightful review. The final words: “The character Trisha says it best: when you finish this novel, you won’t be the same person who started it. And that’s a good thing. Let the discussions begin.”

Cassandra Flatt Disney worked up an outré apocalyptic-looking-sounding video trailer for Citadel. Posted on Youtube.

The feature on Citadel appears on July 14, 2018 in eYs magazine. This is a new, Sydney, Australia print/emag publication under the guidance of the talented and dynamic Jasmina Siderovski.




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