How I Found Writing Practice

and How Writing Practice Changed my Art:

At that moment, I became a poet. By letting go, by letting the hand move unfettered with thought or intention, by riding the mythic wave I dove into unknown reaches, brought back images and energy and lines and something true.

From that point on, I write all of my poetry in a trance. The trance poetry is collected in The Seattle Five Plus One, an anthology of poems, and later my work is featured in Black Bear Review’s Artist Profiles. I collect my poetry in Satori—Poems.  In a furious trance, I rewrite every story in Terminal Weird, find new stories, deeper images, add them to the collection so that when TW comes out, the writing is lean and hard and fast and the stories plumb the unconscious for images I had no right to before.

Something had happened.

Something was no longer wrong.

It all felt right.

I had broken into God Mind.


4 thoughts on “About PIECES

  1. Hi Jack,

    Trance writing, love that. That’s a great description of being in the flow and being wide open when writing.

    I always say I channeled my books and poetry with dialogue, description, and setting. The trick is to trust the process and trust whatever comes up and use it.

    Is your book available now, Jack? Can’t wait for my copy!

    Be well, my friend. Happy Spring!

    Ellie x

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