PIECES–Late Style in Fiction and Form

The creative impulse comes. How do you know that it has to be a poem? What if it’s a piece of sculpture? or a novel? You are the instrument of the language. How do you know that the meaning of the impulse can’t be accomplished by going in and doing the dishes?
PIECES is not a collection of poems, not a collection of stories, but PIECES of the craft in fiction, poetry, essay, and workshop.

Coming soon–April 2023


2 thoughts on “PIECES–Late Style in Fiction and Form

  1. And on a macro scale – as a ‘mostly’ visual artist, how do I know whether a piece needs to be iterated in ink, paint, print, textile, ceramic, encaustic…
    For me it’s a kind of ‘visual listening’ ( sorry I think I just made that phrase up)… listening to my subject tells me what it needs to be. But teaching yourself to listen (look) – thats the tough bit.
    I’d love if you’d be prepared to post a copy of the upcoming publication to the UK, Jack?

    • Jac: I will do that. Your visual listening comment links to George Gallo’s note that all the arts are interrelated. Myth in writing is the equivalent of melody in music. Can you give me a link or a site where I could post the announcement of the book?

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