About Satori, poems


Jack Remick

Coffeetown Press, available May 1,  2014.

Saint Teresa in Ecstasy
lie with me and suck grape juice
from the twisted vines buried
in my hunger mouth

with your fingers pluck the leafy green
buds boiling off my swollen tongue
slick the bruised lips of these urging
heavy wet kisses
my mouth is so full of you
you fill me with your groan-ache
and when you’ve had me finished me
pour me out writhing in the dust
a green vine snake
around your arched ankle
spread me out under your heat
until I feel the all of you bleed against my eyelids
bulge me up again a mountain
breaking oh my god, this second coming
is the milk your honey pleads
and I die in guttural rising rush
the gushing mouth floods me
please, will you please,
unnail ME when—I’M dead.

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