How I Found Writing Practice and How Writing Practice Changed my Art: At that moment, I became a poet. By letting go, by letting the hand move unfettered with thought or intention, by riding the mythic wave I dove into unknown reaches, brought back images and energy and lines and something true. From that point […]

Book Release and Media Event

Jack Remick in Conversation with Jessica H. Stone, What Do I Know? Wisdom Essays VIRTUAL EVENT Sun, 09/19/2021 – 4:00pm to 5:00pmEvent address:  Join us on Zoom for a great conversation between two talented local authors! CLICK HERE TO ATTEND The essays in What Do I Know? ask questions about love, wisdom and knowledge. What is Love in the twenty-first […]

Review of What Do I Know?

W. Dean Wright reviews What Do I Know? Wisdom Essays”by Jack Remick Sidekick Press Nature abhors a vacuum. So too the human mind. And what better goal for the mind than to seek wisdom, the state of being wise. “That is having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or […]

Interview about Writing

following the publication of The Book of Changes, Book Three of the California Quartet. Reading and Writing Addiction Interview Questions When did you first discover that you were a writer? I came to the art very late by most standards. I started out as a poet. I worked with Jack Moodey, who wrote Weather of […]

What Do I Know?

Wisdom Essays Sidekick Press will publish these Essays in 2021. Excerpt from Dennis Must’s blurb: “In the end, at the finish, the writer has to ask—is it done? Is this ending the last ending? Is there a forever? The answer to that is, of course, no. No is the finish. Niente. Nada. Nihil. Nothing.” Remick’s […]

Christine Runyon Reviews Maxine

 Maxine is Kali: destroyer and creator of worlds August 7, 2020 I read Maxine slowly because I like to sit and dream with characters a while. I find the author’s language, dialogue, and plot effective and compelling. I am a poet and I doff my poet hat to Remick. That’s rare and Remick is a […]

The Arrogance of the Princely Mind

WHAT DO I KNOW? Wisdom in the Twenty-first Century Jack Remick The Arrogance of the Princely Mind The princely mind is lost and at war with the common good. Stripped of its connections, the self enters into a time of pure selfish existence. Without bounds on its greed, without regard for the other, the princely […]