Why men with guns hate Hillary, an essay

THE STRONGMAN an essay on Good and Evil by Jack Remick ©  2016   The Rule of Darkness Writers hear a lot about selling out. Usually this means that the writer has agreed to sign a contract with a money cow for a very large sum. Big Bucks. Maybe even Movie Bucks. We know what […]

League of Utah Writers Fall Conference

League of Utah Writers–Fall Conference August 28-29: I’ll be running three workshops at this conference: four hours on Story, Structure, Style; One Hour of poetry: Modern Poetics and Poetry in Performance; and Dissolving the Paragraph–rhythm, action, and image: Details here: http://www.luwriters.org/roundup.html Here’s my blurb on the site. Photo courtesy of Jerry Jaz:   Jack Remick is […]

Writing the Way I See It

Writing the Way I See It ©2013 by Jack Remick (Note: I wrote this essay for a German e-zine called Haute Culture. They wanted something about the origin of The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery and a little bit about my ideas on why we write. The essay was to be translated into German but […]