ABOUT Gabriela and The Widow Winner Best Women’s Fiction

Dante Mueller reviews Gabriela and The Widow–audio version:

on April 18, 2017
This is an inspired novel, and Annette Romano, the reader, gives light to its many layers. I recommend savoring the audio in short sections, for the dying widow’s recitation of her refulgent life to nineteen-year-old Gabriela is so rich in detail and connotation that her diurnal pacing recommends an optimal listening experience. “I’m speaking in metaphors, child. One of these days you’ll learn the subtleties of masked discourse when you say one thing and mean another. The French insist that to be an educated and cultured person you must master the art of never saying what you mean.” “Gabriela and the Widow” is that rare work of literary fiction that wills the reader to return yet again for a deeper insight into La Viuda’s soul, immortalized by its author’s inestimable imagination and fired by his lyrical prose.

Gabriela and The Widow: Montaigne Medal Finalist, Eric Hoffer Award

Congratulations. As part of the Eric Hoffer Award, your book was nominated for the Montaigne Medal. Your book is still on track for a category prize, including the Hoffer Grand Prize. The Montaigne Medal is an additional distinction, awarded to the most thought-provokiWeb-Seal-Montaigne-Finalistng books. Approximately two to three books receive this award each year. A partial list of Montaigne finalists is below. Regardless of the judges’ determination, your book at the very least will carry the distinction of “Montaigne Medal Finalist.”available hereHALL OF FAME_JACK REMICK

Gabriela and The Widow is the winner in  the “Best Women’s Fiction”.

“She loves the lost ones, the pretty ones, the hungry ones.”
(from The Cosmology)


Book of the Year Award–Finalist 2014

From the opening:

And She Left the Dying World

“The year the war ended, Gabriela led her sick mother out of Tepeñixtlahuaca. The bones of the villagers still had meat on them then and the hearths still had fire in them but the retreating soldiers had chased away the skinny dogs and burned the houses. Scattered in the jungle, the bodies of young women had been left to rot. The young men had been killed or turned into soldiers who had, in their own time, committed atrocities.”

From the Publisher:
Gabriela and The Widow is currently available on Amazon.com. The novel is also available in multiple eBook and 6×9 trade paperback editions on BN.com, the European Amazons and Amazon Japan. Wholesale orders can be placed through info@coffeetownpress.com, Baker & Taylor or Ingram. Libraries can purchase books through Follett Library Resources or Midwest Library Service.

Audio Interview by Bill Thompson

Isla McKetta reviews Gabriela and The Widow


6 thoughts on “ABOUT Gabriela and The Widow Winner Best Women’s Fiction

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  2. I just got a message from the designer of the cover of this book. I am ordering right now!!! The reviews are FAB!!!!

  3. Congrats! That’s great news. The opening is very impressive. I’ll have to add it to my list of things to read. Congratulations again!

  4. HI Jack, Congratulations on winning the Best Women’s Fiction Award. I hadn’t heard the final results of that contest. But I’m not surprised. I predicted you would win!!! Remember?
    I’ve been too wrapped up in my health issues. I apologize for not keeping up with your blogs.

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